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Orto IT

Maximize the IT potential of your company. We can build you the best homepage, evaluate your network needs and give you advise about what equipment to buy and how to make the best of what you already have. Over 30 years of experience in IT in three continents and different environments place us at the top of Kansai for IT knowledge.


Make the most out of your visit to Spain by understanding the bridge between cultures trough true interaction with the locals. If you are interested in a meaningful cultural exchange and in knowing about the true heart of Spain, come to us. We customize everything to your needs, even if you travel alone, with your partner or with friends. (Orto Spain’s website is only available in Japanese).

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William Jolley
William Jolley
Founder & CEO
We are here to provide you the best possible support and services in our areas of work.
Mari Yamamoto
Mari Yamamoto
I am glad to be working here with people from all over the world! We always do our best for anyone who wants our help.
Julia Sanz
Julia Sanz
Spanish Intern in Japan
Hi! I am so excited to be part of this team. Even though, I have little experience, I am learning a lot. Also extremely happy to assist you.
Daniel Castro
Daniel Castro
Web and graphic designer
From Orto Group, we offer the best page design and with the highest level of quality for our clients.
Raquel Lucía Atance
Raquel Lucía Atance
Our exclusive coordinator in Spain
We are here to provide with the best and unique cultural experience you will always remember with all your heart.


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